Remembering 2 / Life before Pc and iPads: «All you do is sit down on a typewriter and bleed»

Marlon Brando at the typewriter, while Kitty relaxes.

Photo taken from Hollywood Legacy by Lana Morgan «creative director, Hollywood historian, Walter Matthau Archives curator and “The Indiana Jones of movie research». She «gets best ideas wearing favorite red beret».

George Orwell at his Remington portable. Taken from Poetic Home by Grace Light: «This is my little space in the world where I talk about my vintage inspirations and antique ideas…».

«Bob Dylan has been photographed using various typewriters, but most notably a Royal Safari. Apparently this most familiar photograph was taken by Douglas R.Gilbert as Dylan was typing the liner notes for his fourth album, Another Side of Bob Dylan, in his writing studio above the Café Espresso on Tinker Street, Woodstock, New York, in August 1964». Taken from Oztypewriter-Australian Tapewriter Museum Canberra

«…all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed». Ernest Hemingway. Taken from Youjivinmeturkey?

Hemingway’s favorite machine of choice was the Royal portable typewriter and especially the Quiet DeLuxe model (

Pier Paolo Pasolini writing Petrolio on his Olivetti Lettera 22, october 1975. Photo by Dino Pedriali, book Pier Paolo Pasolini (Johan&Levi editore).


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